Carr Beck celebrates Turning Lives Around

Carr Beck celebrates Turning Lives Around

CARR Beck is a unique wet hostel for women that since it started 22 years ago has helped countless women turn their lives around.

The aim is always to help each individual to reduce their dependency on alcohol or give it up completely if that is what they choose.

It ca be a difficult road and many women have multiple ambitions often including repairing broken family relationships, getting back into work and becoming independent in their own homes.

As Turning Lives Around grows we wanted to amplify the success of Carr Beck so threw open the doors last week and invited former and existing residents to share their stories and celebrate their success with invited guests.

We were joined by Cllr Kim Groves, a local Leeds City Council member as well as other interested stakeholders.

“A wet hostel is a brave step for organisations such as Turning Lives Around who work in partnership with Leeds City Council to support both the women at Carr Beck and others who are at the margins of society,” said Cllr Groves.

“It was a privilege to join existing and former residents of Carr Beck and hear their stories.  It was very brave and honest of Ria and Anna to open up to us, but it was also fantastic to hear that given the right support and a chance they can change their lives,” she added.

Janet Spencer, CEO of TLA said: “When we opened Car Beck not everyone was convinced that it would work.  Many of the women we work with have multiple issues that can be caused by their alcohol dependency or be the cause of it.  Anna and Ria are just two of the many successes TLA has had at Carr Beck and we hope to be able to help many more either at Carr Beck or in other locations where there is a need.”