What does the Service do?

Beacon provides supported accommodation for individuals who experience multiple disadvantage, including families. The service was launched in 2017 and is delivered by a consortium, including; Turning Lives Around, Touchstone and Foundation. Each partner brings unique expertise and experience that enables us to effectively intervene to prevent homelessness for those at risk. This combined approach, which is designed to be trauma informed, ensures the optimum service for our clients. We also work closely with other agencies such as Forward Leeds and Engage, to ensure further support our clients.

What type of accommodation is provided?

Beacon provides three types of supported accommodation for our clients. We have self-contained flats, shared community accommodation and Intensive Support Environments (ISEs). All accommodation is furnished and clients are provided with the basic living essentials.

In the ISEs clients receive 24/7 support from on-site staff. The rooms are lockable and furnished (including a fridge). Clients will cook for themselves in a shared kitchen and will also share a lounge and bathroom.

Eligibility criteria for Beacon:

The service is currently maintaining a referral pause. See the How Do I Make a Referral section below.

  • Be over 16 years old and have an established local connection to Leeds, e.g. Leeds resident, family associations, etc.
  • Be willing to participate in the Beacon support planning process and possess sufficient living skills enabling you to maintain a tenancy with the support provided.
  • Require a period of supported accommodation to live independently, addressing multiple disadvantage*.
  • Do not present a level of risk that would significantly compromise staff safety or the safety of others who may work or live close by to the client.
  • Require accommodation for safeguarding purposes.
  • Have limited accommodation options available, e.g. being unsuitable to access private rented sector accommodation or the council lettings scheme due to high support and/or risk issues.
  • Require accommodation due to leaving institutions such as prison, hospital, etc.

*including needs such as: homelessness, offending, mental health and substance misuse

How many people do we support and for how long?

Beacon can accommodate around 240 people at any one time, and with a maximum length of stay between four and twelve months. Beacon supports over 200 people each year to move into independent living and more permanent accommodation, through private landlords, Leeds City Council and housing associations.

What support do we provide?

The support from Beacon includes tenancy training along with a range of services tailored to each client's individual needs, such as:

  • Self-care, health and wellbeing.
  • Budgetary and financial advice.
  • Peer mentoring.
  • Access to volunteering and educational opportunities.
  • Recovery support, including harm reduction and joint work with drug and alcohol agencies.
  • Managing statutory orders and risk.

How can I make a referral?

To facilitate the development of our referral processes and updates to the waiting list we have a current hold on our referrals from 1st November 2023 up until 1st January 2024. During this time frame, we will only be taking referrals from The Leeds Housing Options Temporary Accommodation team. If you are homeless and require accommodation we would advise approaching Leeds Housing Options for a Homelessness Assessment or contacting other housing providers, such as: Saviours Trust, Greenbridge, Bridge–it Housing and Angels Of The Church.

Any referrals sent during this time will unfortunately be returned. If you have any questions or queries regarding the referral pause please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Beacon Pathways Team.

Access to Beacon is via referral. Referrals can come from Housing Options (Leeds City Council), our Street Outreach Support Worker, other agencies or via self-referral. Our outreach worker is part of a larger multi-agency team that provides support and advice to those living on the streets who have otherwise disengaged with services or waiting for access to housing or treatment.

Once a referral has been received, we aim to contact potential clients within 48 hours to arrange an assessment. The assessment usually takes one and a half hours and its purpose is ensuring Beacon is the right service for the client and we can provide the support they need to maintain a tenancy. Within five working days, we will contact the client to explain the way forward.

Contact Us:

Referrals or enquiries can also be made via referrals@beaconleeds.org.uk. Secure address: beacon.referrals@lhc.cjsm.net.

Specific enquiries can be made via the Beacon Senior Pathway Worker, John Pollock - j.pollock@beaconleeds.org.uk or Pathways Manager , Shamyla Sarwar, s.sarwar@beaconleeds.org.uk

If you see someone sleeping on the streets

You can use the Street Link app (https://www.streetlink.org.uk/#) or call 0300 5000914. This will alert the Leeds Street Support Services.

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