Our Way Leeds (OWL)

What does the Service do? 

Our Way Leeds is a city-wide service provided by three organisations. Alongside our partners Gipsil and Foundation, Our Way Leeds provides housing support and accommodation to people aged 16-25 living in Leeds. Our aim is to prevent homelessness by working together with young people and supporting them to live independently. Our Way Leeds has a dedicated homelessness prevention team that provides pre-tenancy and resettlement floating support and supported accommodation.

Who do you support?

We can support individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Are aged 16 to 25
  • Are homeless or "sofa-surfing" in the Leeds City Council area, or have a local connection to Leeds.
  • Are concerned about whether they can continue to live at home
  • Have an identified support need that puts their current tenancy at risk.
  • Need support to sustain their current accommodation
  • Are due to move into identified suitable housing and need support to maintain a tenancy
  • Have recourse to public funds such as Universal Credit (or Housing Benefit where relevant).

How many people do you support, and for how long?

By 2022, Our Way Leeds aims to support 450 young people who need floating housing support and house 270 young people in our supported accommodation.

OWL aims to complete pre-tenancy support within 6-12 months and tenancy sustainment/resettlement support within 12 months. We aim to support young people in our supported accommodation for up to 12 months. This can be a shorter or longer timeframe depending on the need and availability of suitable move on plans.

What can we support you with?

Our Way Leeds support is focused on housing needs, including accessing housing and preventing homelessness. However, we create a person-centred support plan with all young people to help them get the support they need in other areas of their lives. Young people can access specialist in-house support around welfare benefits, employment and training, intensive support, counselling and wellbeing.

How can I make a referral?

Professionals should fill in a referral form, which can be found by clicking the link below.  Please send completed referral forms to referrals@ourwayleeds.org.uk.

If you are an individual who would like to self-refer, contact 0113 391 8000, or send an enquiry through our website at: https://ourwayleeds.org.uk/contact-us/.

Please note: access to our supported accommodation requires a referral from social care professionals at Leeds Housing Options or Children’s Social Work Services.