Sean O'Brien

Community Support Worker at SUSTAIN Wakefield

Experience: Sean has worked with Turning Lives Around (TLA) since April 2018.

He previously worked at Rethink Mental Illness for 10 years.

As a Community Support Worker at TLA, my main aim is to prevent homelessness by helping service users to sustain and manage their tenancy and offer full support for any complex issues they may have.

I was initially attracted to the role at TLA by their history and reputation of preventing homelessness and their dedicated management team.

Turning Lives Around offers a well-rounded service for people of all ages and backgrounds to help them lead a positive and sustainable life.

I find working with my clients hugely rewarding. I work with them through start to finish trying to make a difference and giving them the support necessary for them to positively move on with their lives.

I recently worked with a gentleman whose wife had sadly passed away, resulting in poor mental and physical health. Within nine months we had helped him apply for the right benefits, receive bereavement counselling and helped him gain and sustainably hold a tenancy for a bungalow. We also helped him gain permanent full-time employment and resume communications with his family.

This positive outcome is the reason why I work for TLA and why my job is so rewarding.

Also, the management team is constantly looking to improve staff training and engage in staff welfare programmes to maintain their standard of excellence.

I would definitely recommend working for TLA and their services to people. Even in such an intense area of work with complex clients, TLA help me to feel relaxed and confident with the work I do.

If I was asked to sum up TLA in three words, it would be: rewarding, challenging and optimistic!

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