Turning Lives Around - Seacole

Seacole provides young person’s emergency access to accommodation.

Young people, aged between 16 and 24 who are homeless with other vulnerabilities can be quickly referred to access emergency accommodation and help. 

The project has nine emergency beds, providing short term accommodation for an average 4-6 weeks, plus three short hold tenancies enabling a longer stay.

Seacole aims to immediately assess clients’ personal and safeguarding needs and in co working with other agencies identify long term accommodation. Turning Lives Around and their partners also provide advice so that clients can access education, training or work as well as any additional issues clients might have with substance misuse, CSE, domestic abuse, mental health or family relationships.

Feedback about Seacole from clients: "The staff are very helpful, hardworking, understanding and caring, I feel safe at Seacole, staff seem to genuinely care about us all"

Feedback from a family member: "I still support my son, I am happy he was placed at Seacole, it is much nicer than I thought it would be, the staff are all friendly, hardworking and very knowledgeable.  My son is very well supported and staff have helped him to develop into a young man.  I had a tour and I really like the rooms and the lounge, such an inviting environment".

Feedback from a professional: " Seacole works very hard to guide and shape young people's development and they organise many groups which is really good for young people's self-esteem and confidence".

Contact Us:
T:  0113 293 0254
E:  seacole@turninglivesaround.co.uk