Turning Lives Around works in partnership with Leeds City Council on Street Support Scheme

Turning Lives Around works in partnership with Leeds City Council on Street Support Scheme

Turning Lives Around has joined Leeds City Council's Street Support Scheme to tackle entrenched rough sleeping.

Ben Mayor has been seconded to the council's Safer Leeds team to work on the year long Government funded pilot.   He will visit street sleepers to offer triage advice working alongside drugs, mental health and other statutory agencies to fight homelessness, begging and anti-social behavior.  It is part of a one-year pilot scheme.

The scheme is designed to speed up the process of providing accommodation and offer long term support.

“The flexible and proactive approach is key.  Accommodation can often be secured on the day of an assessment and clients feel confident their case is being treated individually rather than as one of many.   If clients don’t turn up for an appointment, we go to find them and discuss their case with them so they know work is continuing.  It is helping to break down barriers with the growing number of entrenched rough sleepers in Leeds,” said Ben.

“Crucially, there is continuity of care as support continues when people move into their accommodation and even for those not ready for an assessment there is still contact and building familiarity with the service."

Janet Spencer, CEO of TLA explains “We are seeing an increase in the number of entrenched street sleepers and recognise that a new approach is needed."

“Previously, we would wait until a person was referred by an agency or came into an Intensive Support Environment (ISE) and then try to make them an appointment.  This way we are going to them on the street, making an earlier assessment and trying to persuade them to come to us.  Ben has a direct link to our Pathway Managers and knows what vacancies are available, so people can be quickly placed."

“It doesn’t always work because the reasons for rough sleeping are many and complex, but it is offering earlier intervention for those who want to access support and accommodation and makes those who think they don’t want help to think about it."

“Our long-term aim is to end homelessness for all.  Going to entrenched street sleepers in this way will we hope start them on the road to further community integration.”