Seacole Earns Digital Grant

Seacole Earns Digital Grant

THE 21st century is digital and now thanks to a grant from Leeds City Council’s Digital Inclusion Scheme 100% Digital Leeds, Turning Lives Around is helping more people go online.

Turning Lives Around has been awarded £10,000 from the scheme, which will be used to pay for skills development, i-Pads and broadband installation across its services.

Seacole, which works with young people aged 16-24 is one of the beneficiaries.  Their young clients will have access to Wi-Fi to learn and develop new skills, tackle social isolation by keeping in touch with families and friends, and access education, leisure, apply for tenancies and set up bank accounts.

Other schemes have opted for i-Pads.  Pre-loaded with data and in protective cases the i-Pads will enable all clients to learn basic skills or update existing ones and earn accredited certifications to help them progress into education or employment and add to their CVs.

Earlier this year the Seacole team became accredited Digital Champions.  That inspired Turning Lives Around to apply for further funding to develop skills for all clients and to buy i-Pads and install Broadband.

Kerri Walker is Senior Support Worker at Seacole.  She explained: “We originally loaned six i-Pads from the Digital Leeds ipad lending scheme, which was a great success.  That convinced us we could do more for all our clients by getting them online more often, so we applied for extra funding”

“The young people at Seacole understand the digital landscape through their contemporaries at school and college.  Giving them access to i-Pads and Wi-Fi sets them on the road to greater independence.”

“Using their new skills, they can keep in touch with families and friends, set up bank accounts, apply to colleges, training and jobs, access healthcare support and self-help apps for themselves, check Universal Credit to avoid sanctions, and place bids for council properties.”

Janet Spencer, CEO of TLA added; “Our aim is to enable our clients to be independent; learning digital skills and have access to equipment to use these skills makes a huge difference,”

“This is the start of TLA’s Digital Journey leading to all our clients having access to the skills, equipment and infrastructure to lead more sustainable independent lives,” she said.