Painting the rooms orange, green and blue thanks to donation

Painting the rooms orange, green and blue thanks to donation

A supported accommodation service for young people has painted its rooms orange, green, blue and purple thanks to a £250 donation from Leeds Housing Options fund raising.

The teenaged residents at Seacole were so thrilled to receive the donation and determined to use it positively, they asked for each of the rooms at the 12 person project to be transformed from bland magnolia to vibrant colours that reflected their personalities.

Kerri Walker, team leader at the Harehills service, part of the Turning Lives Around (TLA) family, was delighted to oblige and headed straight down to Seagulls in Leeds, a social enterprise, to buy salvaged paint before she spent the rest of the cash on new door handles, tiles and grouting before sourcing some free sofas.

“We were delighted to get the donation and wanted to use it in a really positive way to make everyone feel good about themselves,” she said.

"No part of the hostel was left untouched including the ground floor kitchen which was made bigger for weekly cooking sessions and client participation.

“The magnolia walls were a bit bland, so the clients suggested bright colours to make them feel happy.  Then they helped make the rooms more inviting with art work and adding some finishing touches of their own. The local Tesco chipped in with a hockey table for a finishing touch.”

To say thank you to everyone at Housing Options, Seacole threw open their doors for the fund raisers and Leeds City Council commissioners.

“Seacole is a unique setting that works with young people to support them on their road to greater independence,” said Kerri.

“With nine emergency rooms and three assured shorthold tenancy flats we have a mixed group of clients who can be staying with us for anything between 12 days and six months.

“Often coping with mental health issues and on their journey to greater independence, we wanted to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week in a relevant way by showcasing what we do and can achieve.  The irony is that many of our clients were at college for the Open Day.”

Janet Spencer is CEO of TLA. She said: “Seacole is often the first stop for some of the city’s most vulnerable young people.  Clients include young offenders, care leavers and those experiencing mental health crises.  Being creative with this donation demonstrates just what can be achieved.”

Cllr Lisa Mulherin is Leeds City Council Executive for children and families.  She said: “In Leeds we are committed to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing amongst all our children and young people and ensuring access to appropriate support.  I am delighted that Seacole’s young people have been given the opportunity to transform the place where they live through this generous donation – I’m sure that this new splash of colour will really brighten the day of everyone in the building.”