Board Member Vacancies

Board Member Vacancies

TURNING Lives Around is a pioneering charity which works to prevent homelessness among the most vulnerable members of society.

Brave, and not afraid to take risks it has evolved from a small organisation housing a few homeless people to become one of the most innovative, respected and trusted by local housing commissioners in West Yorkshire.  Indeed, in recent weeks the local housing authority has invited Turning Lives Around to provide Emergency Accommodation for families.

In recent years, innovations in the fight against homelessness have included:

·       establishing a much sought-after wet hostel for women who drink, which enables them to get help while managing their addiction through a drink reduction programme.

·       a housing first scheme for on street sex workers to help them leave the life of abuse behind and enter mainstream employment and education while remaining nonjudgmental about their lifestyle choice.

·       installing kennels to encourage some of the most entrenched street sleepers to leave that life behind and

·       peer support groups in Wakefield.

We work with young people, the single, elderly, families, those with mental health problems, ex-offenders, those with addictions, sex workers and members of the LGBTQ+ community.  Turning Lives Around is completely inclusive and as part our commitment to serving everyone our staff are currently undertaking training to deal with transgender service users.

Yet Turning Lives Around faces constant challenges including the implementation and roll out of Universal Credit, changes to ownership of social housing, availability of social housing and the increased need for housing for the vulnerable.

The success of all of these and more schemes is down to the drive and motivation of the management team, led by CEO, Janet Spencer.

To remain successful their work must be challenged and supported by a robust and quizzical board of Trustees.

Turning Lives Around has three immediate vacancies for unpaid board members.

You will be a strong character who has possibly some experience of working with the homeless.  Without prejudice, yet willing to question often radical ideas to solve housing issues and possibly financial understanding.

Turning Lives Around would like to attract more women, members of the BAME community and younger people.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity and find out more, please contact:  Janet Spencer, on 0113 276 0616.