Beacon Housing on the move

Beacon Housing on the move

BEACON is moving home to provide a better service for all our clients and be part of the Leeds City Council Housing team in Merrion House.

The move is part of the Turning Lives Around ambition to prevent homelessness as efficiently as possible for those most at risk.  Working alongside support staff from LCC we will be able to provide a faster, more responsive and effective service to clients and be centrally located so more easily accessible to all our clients.

Beacon pathways managers, Mia and Clare will have access to expertise including, but not exclusively legal, mental health, social services, community health, safeguarding, financial advice, registrars and the police.

It will allow Beacon to offer a more joined up approach to services that our clients and their families need faster and help to reduce some of the problems that delays cause such as stress, mental health issues and potentially dangerous nights on the streets.

In addition to dealing with housing the Beacon team will be able to introduce clients to complementary services such as community health and financial advice faster and more seamlessly.  Clients will be able to get referrals for health and social services as well as complete applications for financial services such as income support claims and registering births.

Janet Spencer, CEO of Turning Lives Around said: “Our aim is to prevent homelessness.  Beacon moving into the same building as the Leeds City Council Housing team in one location will allow them to do this more efficiently.  At the same time, they will be able to deliver very bespoke, but holistic solutions to our clients who are some of the most marginalized and vulnerable in society.” 

James Allen, Beacon Manager added: “Merrion House has great services  for  staff and customers including   being fully accessible, it has prayers rooms,  baby changing, toilets, free Wi fi, access to all council services, telephone lines to call partner agencies and  plenty of private confidential space to talk to trained staff on  a matter of issues.”