2018 Safeguarding Success

2018 Safeguarding Success

Turning Lives Around (TLA) successfully promoted Safeguarding Week (25 June to 1 July) with a series of events to highlight how it is tackling abuse and how others can take action.

Using locations across the organisation, staff and service users highlighted issues such as domestic abuse, mental health, forced marriage and providing awareness on protecting children and victims of human trafficking.

From safeguarding cricket to coffee mornings and quizzes, Turning Lives Around hosted a range of activities where service users and staff successfully raised awareness for the issues regarding Safeguarding Week in a rememberable light hearted way. 

This showcased both the work Turning Lives Around do to prevent homelessness for those at the margins of society but also informed people about Safeguarding, the many forms it takes, the steps you can take to prevent it and how you can act.

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