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Flagship Turning Lives Around works in North Leeds and South Leeds (Beeston, Belle isle, Cottingley,Holbeck, Hunslet, Middleton, Morley, Rothwell & Stourton, Chapeltown & Harehills) in collaboration with, GIPSIL and Foundation in order to tackle the issues faced by you as a young people at risk, e.g. young offenders, care leavers, and teenage parents.

This service provides support if you are aged 16 – 24 with a housing need,  e.g single,  pregnant, a couple or young family.

Our aim is to prevent homelessness and promote independence through various means including:

·         Pre-tenancy support  - Usually before you are accepted into supported housing –service to support you to make steps to gain a tenancy

·         Supported  housing, (usually up to 6 months in trainer flats) with such a tight deadline it means that your keyworker will be focussed from the start in supporting you in gaining the skills and gathering the tools you may need and addressing any issues with you so that the move on experience leads to enjoyable and successful independent living.

·         Supporting you in your own tenancy, when you move on from supported housing (up to a year). This support will assist you in maintaining your independent living.

·         Crisis intervention – If you leave the service, but need to have short term support through a crisis.

·         Working  with other agencies in order to support you into work, employment and training. 

Our approach will ensure that you are referred to the appropriate services within the Flagship partnership.

·         There is pre-tenancy support to enable planned moves into trainer flats or other suitable accommodation.

·         You will be referred to Flagships floating support service if you have no accommodation need but need some sort of support e.g maintaining and sustaining a tenancy

·         If you have no housing support needs, you may be referred to more appropriate provision

Our approach ensures that everyone feels inclusive and safe and we celebrate diversity within our organisation and service.

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Contact Us:
Flagship North East - T:  0113 235 1105
Flagship North - T:  0113 262 7271
E:  Flagshipnorth@turninglivesaround.co.uk
Flagship South - T: 0113 277 8883
E:  Flagshipsouth@turninglivesaround.co.uk