FLAGSHIP: Setting the world on fire and turning his back on a life of crime.

Martin* became involved with the wrong crowd in his teens and spent five years in prison after being convicted of dealing drugs. He was released on a 12-month probation order which finished early due to his good behaviour. His Turning Lives Around (TLA) keyworker James tells his story…

“I worked with Martin for about a year focusing mainly on education, employment and social networks. He had a lot to learn and needed to build up his confidence - being in prison for five years and coming out into the new world was not easy.

“While at Flagship, Martin attended his support meeting, made bids, paid his bills without fail and acted as a role model for other young people living here.

“Establishing new relationships was a key focus. Disengaging quickly from his old friends, Martin made new friends by taking part in different activities including a youth Parliament event and a training and interview workshop run by O2 where he stood out as a possible candidate for a job offer. He went bowling, to Flamingoland and was the tenant representative helping to organise the Flagship Christmas party. He also gained independent living skills learning how to cook healthy food on a budget.

“Determined to get back into work he started a distance learning course completing levels one and two in Access to Higher Education. Martin then started actively looking for work through the internet, job centre and the O2 event. Undeterred by his initial lack of success he persevered. Through hard work and persistence, I was very proud when he was offered a job by British Gas.

“Martin has now moved into his own home, is settling well into the community and using his newly learned independent living skills to cook, clean and manage his money. This is helping him maintain his tenancy. He has expanded his social network and grown in confidence helping considerably with his personal development.”

* Client names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding.

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