What does the service do?

Carr Beck is a scheme providing 24-hour intensive specialist support and accommodation for alcohol-dependent women, intending to provide a safe and closely monitored environment in which they can manage and reduce their alcohol consumption.

Who do you support?

We can support women who meet the following criteria:

  • Are aged 16 and over;
  • Are homeless or currently living in an unsafe situation;
  • Are alcohol dependant;
  • Are eligible to claim Housing Benefit.

How many people do you support, and for how long?

We can support a maximum of 6 women at any one time. Clients can live at the scheme for as long as they require support. However, many women do move on when there their support needs have been met.

What can we support you with?

Clients are supported by keyworkers to develop an individual alcohol management plan which aims to help them to reduce their alcohol dependence. Keyworkers establish a co-productive relationship with their clients, who are encouraged to detox from alcohol and manage their addiction independently.

The team will develop a tailored support plan with each client, which focuses on each individual’s life goals: their health and wellbeing, social skills and relationships, and education, training and employment opportunities to support their recovery.

Impact Report

How can I make a Referral?

To make a referral, download and fill in a referral form and email it to the scheme at the email address below.

How can I get in contact?
T: 0113 271 7295 or 0113 276 0160
E: carrbeck@turninglivesaround.co.uk

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